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Want to hear about what our patients are saying about The Craniofacial and TMJ Institute?

 Read below to find out how we have helped our patients.  

Louisville, KY

My jaw has been a wreck for years: lock jaw, clicking, popping, pain, you name it. I thought I was just doomed to be in pain forever but I found Dr Bray and he turned out to be a lifesaver! Most of my symptoms are gone and I feel so much better. Can’t recommend enough!

Louisville, KY

I have suffered from chronic pain and issues related to TMD; teeth grinding, migraines, lack of function, pain when eating, etc. After getting treatment from Dr. Bray I had full mobility with 10 day of my first treatment and significant reduction of pain. Could not recommend his services highly enough - best investment I’ve made for my health and well being.

Louisville, KY

When I first came to Dr. Bray, I was experiencing intense shoulder and neck pain and debilitating migraines that serverly reduced my quality of life. I was going to the chiropractor weekly just to be able to function enough to work. I had given up on the idea of being able to workout again and live a life without chronic pain, I was prepared to establish care at a pain clinic.

Dr. Bray started me on a regimen of trigger point needling and NRT. Since being under Dr. Bray’s care I no longer have chronic shoulder and neck pain or migraines. I was actually able to start taking Barre classes about seven months after I began care, which is mind blowing because I thought I would never be able to exercise again!

Because I’ve had such success with treating my migraines I’m now getting treatment for lower back pain that I’ve had for about 20 years and had just learned to live with it.

Louisville, KY

Dr. Bray is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and kind. He takes the time to get to know you and your pain. I have been dealing with chronic neck and jaw pain for many years and no other treatment has helped me more than NRT and dry needling. I can actually move my neck with no pain and the pain has not been coming back, like it does with massage and other treatments. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Bray because he is nothing short of a miracle worker! I would highly recommend his services to anyone!!

Louisville, KY

I came in with 5+years of facial pain and headaches which turned into migraines at times. I have to say seeing Dr.Bray was one of the best decisions that I've made. Dr.Bray uses less conventional methods which proves to be,in my opinion, even more effective. RUN don't walk to see him if you are tired of suffering from facial pain,trust me,you won't regret it! You can definitely tell this isn't just his job but his passion by the way you goes above and beyond, leaving no stone unturned to get feeling 100!

Louisville, KY

I feel so fortunate that I found Dr. Bray to help me with my head/face pain. He did a comprehensive evaluation and explained his findings and recommended treatment in detail.  His knowledge and expertise is remarkable. Treatments included work on my nose, jaw, temples and head. He always explained what he was going to do and showed genuine concern and compassion asking about pain before & after each type of treatment. He changed the dimensions on one side of my face and relieved my pain. He is the best health care provider I have ever seen (many over a period of 40 years). I give him my highest recommendation.

Louisville, KY

I have seen Dr Bray twice for chronic face/cheek and jaw pain. I was battling daily headaches, and taking Tylenol every single day. My pain is now nearly gone! Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have found him. Dr Bray takes the time to listen and makes sure you are comfortable with the treatments and understands everything. When I initially scheduled, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose as no one else had been able to help with my pain. Best decision I made was taking a chance. 150% recommend!

Louisville, KY

After searching everywhere for someone to help me with my severe TMJ, I chanced upon Dr. Bray.  I could barely open my mouth during the first appointments, but with his help, I now have about 85-90% range of motion again and the pain has abated.  I also have tinnitus that can sometimes be quite noisy and distracting; Dr. Bray has been able to give me a good measure of relief in that regard as well.  I recommend Dr. Bray to anyone experiencing similar difficulties.  He's kind, caring, gently and such a help!

Louisville, KY

After searching everywhere for someone to help me with my severe TMJ, I chanced upon Dr. Bray.  I could barely open my mouth during the first appointments, but with his help, I now have about 85-90% range of motion again and the pain has abated.  I also have tinnitus that can sometimes be quite noisy and distracting; Dr. Bray has been able to give me a good measure of relief in that regard as well.  I recommend Dr. Bray to anyone experiencing similar difficulties.  He's kind, caring, gently and such a help!

Louisville, KY

"I have battled TMJ, neck / back pain and sinus issues for 25+ years. Dr Bray is one of the first practitioners to actually treat my problems, not just the symptoms. He is thorough and diligent in his approach and the difference in his medical care is clear! Can't recommend him enough!"

Louisville, KY

I have suffered from chronic migraines/headaches & teeth grinding for many years. In the past two years alone, I've literally spent thousands of dollars on bite guards & botox injections in my jaw to relieve these symptoms; however, NOTHING helped. My pain reached a point where it was having a HORRIBLE impact on my daily life and my ability to perform at the level in which I'm accustomed.
About three weeks ago, I was referred to Dr. Bray for his dry needling therapy. I'll have to admit that the sound of the therapy alone didn't sound too enticing, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. I will be the first one to admit that it takes a session or so to get acclimate to the process, but it has literally turned me around and got me back onto the right track within the past 2.5 - 3 weeks. THIS IS HONESTLY THE MOST RELIEF I'VE HAD IN YEARS!!!! I simply can't wait to see what the end result is after I finish the full round of treatments!!!
My jaw muscles were so inflamed that I always looked like a squirrel with a mouthful of nuts. After the first couple of visits, those muscles had released/relaxed/decompressed (insert technical term here) and are laying down so much flatter. Dr. Bray told me this would be one of the added benefits of the treatment, but I had no idea it would happen this quickly.
Dr. Bray's bedside manner is second to none. He's most accommodating, creates relaxing environment for his patients, and is very attentive to your needs during his therapy treatments. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to have met Dr. Bray and to have received the AMAZING benefits of his service!
P.S. - I'm not the type that enjoys writing reviews, but I want all TMJ sufferers to know about this treatment because I know all too well how frustrating it is to find something that doesn't just "work", but actually helps put you on a path to recovery."

Louisville, Ky

"I was so impressed with my first visit and initial conversation I wanted to leave a testimonial. I have had facial pain and TMJ for a long time and also anxiety. From the initial call where I talked with Pam, who you can tell truly cares about you and what you are going through, to the initial appointment with Dr Bray. This was such a great experience. He literally blocks the entire time for JUST YOU. This is UNHEARD OF. I felt so comfortable and very low anxiety. There weren't tons of people running around the office and his attention was completely on me and my problems. I am so grateful to have found this office! He really knows what he is talking about and is very easy to talk to.  I can already tell a difference in my pain after the first visit. THANK YOU DR BRAY AND PAM!!!!!!" 

Louisville, Ky

"I was suffering with headaches and facial numbness due to TMJ and was referred to Dr Bray for treatment. He provided excellent care and is a delightful person! Very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him for any TMJ issues." 

Louisville, KY

"I have suffered from TMJ since I was a teenager; bite guards, different sleeping positions, and exercises.  NOTHING worked.  I am thankful I found Dr. Bray online and decided to try.  After several treatments I am able to open my mouth bigger and not have pain.  He has also helped me with my headaches and bad shoulder.  He is my go to fix it guy now when I hurt myself.  First call.  He has been professional, kind, and knowledgeable.  His staff is wonderful, I love Pam; and his office is clean and relaxing.  I highly recommend Dr. Bray to fix what ever feels broken."  

New Albany, IN

I have never met anyone in the healthcare field like Dr Bray. He constantly researches and learns new techniques to help with my pain. He is relentless about helping his patients and we benefit from this! He explains everything in a thorough manner and is always open to answer questions I may have. While I know my issues are quite complex I couldn't have asked for any better service."

Louisville, KY

"I could not be more pleased with the results and care I received while working with Dr Bray. The manual work he did on my jaw was amazing. I have more mouth opening and less pain than I have had in years!" 

Louisville, KY

"I came to see Dr Bray after seeing his website. I have experienced TMJ symptoms for a long time and had many treatments from the more mundane to the outrageous. I have to admit that speaking with Dr Bray during my evaluation was a breath of fresh air. He has so much knowledge about the body, and how everything works, its mind blowing. He is also completely truthful and down to earth, and can even make you laugh at times. I am truly appreciative for his treatments and expertise. I have since referred most of my family for various ailments. If you are hurting, please call him. Don't give up hope. There is help."

Louisville, KY

I have been having TMJ issues/pain for quite some time. I internalize my stress and clench my teeth. Dr. Bray has helped me so much in teaching me how to distress, deep breathe, and do several exercises in addition to the dry needling. Dr. Bray cares so much and he has helped me with my TMJ issues and overall stress issues. I highly recommend Dr. Bray."

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