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“This will be the thousandth time of telling my story.”

A recent evaluation with a new patient made me think of this blog post. As he and I were discussing his history he made a remark that “This will be the thousandth time of telling my story”. This is a common thread and statement among new patients I see. It is unfortunate that so many people go throughout their lives with conditions that continue to allude modern science and medicine. Often times it simply takes one, or possibly a few good practitioner to sit down and actually ask the RIGHT question and then LISTEN to the answers given to then come to a conclusion about the MOST plausible reason for a patient’s chronic condition. One thing I have learned in many years of treating complex chronic head and neck pain patients is that the answer usually lies within the history of the patient. Occams Razor often times stays true in this sense as well however the partitioner must be open to the possibility that the simplest answer may very well be the correct one. And that the correct intervention may be an intervention that is not as well researched or understood at the current time. It doesn’t mean there is not efficacy in such interventions.

So if you decide to make the leap and come to our practice then I have to offer a few things to you up front. Its OK that you have told your story a 1000 times. We will listen for the 1001. Please know, that we DO CARE to listen to the WHOLE story. This is why our appointments are so long. Please don’t leave any details out. Everything is important. Where others may have told you certain details are not, they most certainly are. These small details can add up and give us the insight to help guide yo to proper treatment. That being said, you have to be ready to take the full step and commit to getting better. This step can be unnerving, anxiety provoking, and downright terrifying. The journey will never be a straight line. It will have twists and turns, with sometimes what feels like going in the wrong direction. “Undoing” years of chronic pain does not happen over night. Our bodies are smarter than we are and especially our cranial nerves. They will hold on to any traumatic material we have been through, be it physical, or psychological or even nutritional. Just remember to be persistent, patient, and you will achieve your goal.

It's your story tell it until someone will listen.

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